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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quote of the Day: Alla on Maria

It’s very pleasant to beat…you know, Maria. Why? Why? Well, I don’t like her outfit. Can I put it that way?

- Alla Kudryavtseva on the importance of beating Maria "Shriek"apova today

Catty much? The proverbial gloves are off I suppose - can't wait for part deux.

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  1. Do you think she was joking or trying to say "Maria's a media ho-bag!"?

    I'm bummed, I wanted to see her take on a Williams sister or two.

    I'm glad Roger takes his cardigan off while he's playing.

  2. damn. is it me or does every pro tennis player whose last name end in -ova hate Maria? Sheesh, homegirl coulda gone a lil easy on the venom even if i totally agree that sharapova (or at least her image) is an attention-loving, whiny beyotch.

  3. ff - the state of her game right now, masha would've gone down hard to either sister

    yeah apparently she's not the most personable girl in the locker room

  4. Can I say that I actually love Alla's comment? It's like a dark-side revelation of the locker room.Woo..
    Most of all, her interview is much better than the Masha-Humor laugh. (I just hate the fake Ha-ha-ha)

  5. Hey Rich,

    You're right, she would have gone down easy, but I'd still get a sick thrill watching a Williams beat her into the ground a la Serena in the '07 Aussie final.

    That said, I really do like Maria. Love her fight.

  6. LOL I saw that on ESPN and it was funny the way she said it. The whole interview room laughed.


  7. I like her hahaha :)

    She is not the first one that says that Maria is not the nicest player in the locker and I guess she won't be the last so ....

  8. Love the comment! Not catty at all. It's hilarious.

    >>apparently she's not the most personable girl in the locker room<<

    She's no the most personable girl on the court, either.

  9. Well, Maria has only won 3 grand slams and been No1. And she's what- a year older than this little shit? I'm guessing Maria's winning this cat fight.

    She might not be "sociable", which no one should mind because you're not out there to make friends on tour, but atleast she always has class- win or lose.

  10. ya i agree with maitai.

    notice how most top players aren't very friendly or sociable.

    that's b'cos you are out there to play tennis, not make friends.

    of course if you want to make friends you have the option to, but its not compulsory or anything like that.


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