Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Top ballers prepare for Wimbledon assault

Saturday, June 21, 2008

PHOTO OP: Top ballers prepare for Wimbledon assault


The world's top ballers have all made their way to The All England Club for the third and most prestigious Grand Slam of the year, The Championships at Wimbledon.

Current and former champions Roger Federer, Venus + Serena Williams, Maria "Shriek"apova and Lleyton Hewitt were joined by new world no. 2 Jelena Jankovic on the pristine green lawns for some practice sessions.

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  1. Maria has just confirmed she will be wearing shorts throughout the tournie!!

    She will be sporting the tuxedo style top and shorts.

  2. All right! Great work karolina!!

  3. Thanks Rich.... Maria confirms that she will be debuting 'mens wear' (aka a tuxedo look) on her website.

    Love the speculation/buzz/hype in the week prior to grand slams!!

  4. does anyone know if Venus will be wearing nike or her own eleven line, I have read that she is wearing the eleven gear during practices, but is going to wear a Nike dress for the actual tournament??? I like the tux thing sharapova is going to wear.. I like different styles and risks!!!

  5. Hey Jovan,

    I love different styles and risk takers too (that goes as far too say that I love what Betthanie Mattek wears. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it).
    To the point at hand, Venus will be wearing an eleVen dress, designed by hers truly.

    I actually saw a preview of it somewhere too....

  6. cue "Bootylicious"

    On Maria's style...yes, the shorts were the nicest of the three you previewed here at DtL. And I do think endless legs are a great look. Good call, Maria.

  7. thanks a lot karolina!!! this site is great...


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