Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Safin does Nole good, shares tender post-match moment

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PHOTO OP: Safin does Nole good, shares tender post-match moment

Could Marat Safin be reliving 2005 all over again? The men's field is hoping not.

In his most dominating display of tennis since his '05 Aussie Open run, including the classic match against Roger Federer in the semifinals, the giant-killing Russian overpowered the third seed Novak Djokovic winning 6-4, 7-6 (7-3), 6-2 and will take on Andreas Seppi in the third round.

At least the two ballers got to share a tender moment after the match, giving their fans a lasting treat. I guess I wouldn't mind losing to Marat either if that's what I could look forward to afterwards, right Nole? *sigh*

UPDATE: Here's a video featuring post-match interviews with Marat + Nole:

(image via Getty)


  1. HA HA HA. Nole is annoying and arrogant. What does he have to say now about Federer and Nadal? Your not in their league yet JOKEovic.

    I wonder if Ivanovic will be following him home to Serbia. She's having a hard time with Dechy 8-8 in the third.

  2. wow what a match!! it's great to see Safin pull off such an upset... on a good day, that guy can beat anyone... his quarter of the draw is pretty much easy right now without djoko and nalbandian.. lets see, maybe we'll have an epic federer-safin semifinal !!

  3. ana just won 10-8 in the third - phew!!!

    and i'm glad she wasn't wearing that awful "ladyfinger" adidas dress.

    yeah - i'd love safin to go on another sick run for old times sake.

    go safin!!!

  4. OT but Adidas gives Ana Ivanovic the most boring outfits to wear. It's all about Nike.


  5. Wow. Just.. wow. I'm not a big fan of Nole, but how unexpected was this? Now Marat got me hoping for him again and again, he'll break my heart by losing his temper in the next round or something.. *sigh*

    As arrogant as he is, Nole didn't deserve his father leaving before the match was done. I mean, how would you feel if you were Nole today and you watched your father walk away from one of your worst matches? He should be supporting his son no matter what, imo. That is such a s****y thing to do to your own kid.

  6. OH, my gosh. Marat is just so so so hot. He might be the hottest man on the planet. I feel for Djokovic, but I'm thrilled to have at least one more match to oogle Safin.

    And note that it was Nole who reached in for the hug (lucky bastard!) Any port in a storm, huh Novak?

    Off topic - did you see that Roger's on today? In the background of a Gavin/Gwen snap.

  7. this thrashing by safin ought to teach nole a lesson. confidence is one thing, but nole got a bit too cocky when he said that roger was threatened and a bit worried. [is he psychic to know how roger is feeling?] not even rafa nadal in all his french open glory would be caught dead uttering such words about federer! nadal is confident but not cocky.

    now nole is havinga huge dinner eating his words.

  8. yes he'll need to eat his words but his mouth is big enough to handle it, right?!

    yeah not a nice thing to do dad...

  9. nole is a cocky twat, but tennis needs players like him. i don't like him at all, but i give him kudos for smiling and hugging marat after the awful loss.

  10. Gutted, to be frank. Unlucky for Nole that Safin was on his game today, but maybe he'll find a better fitting pair of boots.

  11. I love Safin. I'm glad he won.


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