Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: A fan's-eye view of Rafa at Queen's Club + Roland Garros

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PHOTO OP: A fan's-eye view of Rafa at Queen's Club + Roland Garros

A huge thanks to DtL! reader Mereana, a New Zealander livin' it up in London, for providing these images - a fan's view of the action from the recent Queen's Club tourney where Rafael Nadal won his very first grass-court title and some practice shots from Roland Garros where the Spaniard won his fourth consecutive championship.

If anyone else will be attending tournaments soon, particularly the Grand Slams, I'd be more than happy to post the photos for you here. Contact me at!

And, check out the rest of Mereana's tennis photos and more at Planet Ranger.


  1. In the 4th picture, what's the man saying to Rafa? "Hey Nadal, match violation for taking off your shirt, in the process potentially harming the heart-health of your fans."

  2. ahhh - nice to see you back t!

    yes, the man has a serious backside - i don't think pics do his shelf justice.

  3. I tried to figure out what brand his undies we could all know what NOT to buy...:)

  4. HAHAHA! or at least make sure you get the right size (unless it's a thong then you're screwed)

  5. Can't be a thong- the VPL is too obvious.

    Better tight ones than none. Rumours abound about Roddick's preference for commando.

  6. really? never heard about a-rod's commando tell. i wonder what brooklyn thinks of that!

  7. No way is Roddick going commando - he could really hurt himself. Unless those other rumors about his "pweenie" are indeed true...

    Nadal looks so cute in the last two pics with the backwards hat and shorts. I wish he'd try that for a match - the Karate Kid headband and capri pants are SO OVER!

  8. you can def see his stuff when he's playing but i'm thinking he's wearing something under those shorts. i think nadalfan meant off-court and, if so, he might want to stay clear of those holey jeans he likes to wear.

    there were rumors rafa was going to "clean up" his image before wimby - cutting his hair, add sleeves to his shirts, and shortening his pirate pants.

    we'll see!


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