Google Down the Line!: Letter to DtL readers: I just met Monica Seles + Jim Courier!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letter to DtL readers: I just met Monica Seles + Jim Courier!

Hey everyone,

Okay, color me so excited (and a little out of breath...) I just left a personal appearance hosted by Justin Gimelstob and starring Monica Seles + Jim Courier here in New York City!

The two legends were doing a promotion for Wimbledon with partner HSBC Bank on the corner of 40th Street and 5th Avenue and they hit balls on a miniature court for about 30 minutes this afternoon.

I took tons of pictures, some video and got their autographs. I'll upload them as soon as I get home later!



  1. Congratulations! Courier is hot! Is Monica as anorexic up close as she looks on tv?

  2. LOL! Yeah, Courier has some serious legs - a little pasty for my taste - but nice. Plus he's actually really bitchy.

    Monica, she's great. You're right, though, she did look thinner than she ever has and her face very angular...but in a healthy way actually. Nothing out of the ordinary I don't think.

    Let me know what you think when you see the images I upload!

  3. I saw that was happening, but was kind of lazy about going to see it, which is sad because Courier's one of my favorite players of all time. Hate to hear he was bitchy, but I can see it. He always was kind of ornery!

  4. bitchy in a funny way van! i liked him...he seemed much more relaxed than Monica actually.

  5. Oh, okay! I thought he was bitchy in a bitchy way! Glad to hear it was entertaining!

  6. You're on a roll!
    Have fun, Rich.


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