Google Down the Line!: La Monf continues dream run in Paris, joins shirtless brigade

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

La Monf continues dream run in Paris, joins shirtless brigade

Gael Monfils is the toast of Paris today - and if anyone says they saw this one coming, they're lying!

"La Monf" out-thought and out-ran and weary David Ferrer at Roland Garros today in a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-1 win to reach his first Grand Slam semifinal where Roger Federer awaits. He also became the first Frenchman in 7 years to make it past the quarterfinals and could punctuate the 25th anniversary of Yannick Noah's triumph in Paris with a title run here.

La Monf also became the newest member of the shirtless brigade after the match throwing his Nike shirt into the crowd. Afterwards, the Frenchie donned a t-shirt with his nickname emblazoned on the front.

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  1. Just a comment on the muscles: it's part DNA.
    It's funny, some parts of the world you have major muscle definition even before you exercise (e.g. half of my high school class) and I guess Monfils is a model of what happens when you hit hundreds of balls daily on top of that. Sinewy perfection. Or just sinewy :)

  2. no you're right t, his definition is impressive


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