Google Down the Line!: Is it Wimbledon or Wendy that's making me an Anglophile?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it Wimbledon or Wendy that's making me an Anglophile?

Freelance writer Wendy M. Grossman is blogging for from Eastbourne, which according to Wendy is England's version of Florida because "it's theoretically warmer than the rest of England and people retire here" and you probably get sightings of leathery-skinned old people like Nick Bollettieri or something.

Anyway, I'm thinking Wendy's English because she made some observations in the typically deadpan, bitchy way English people do that may not have been meant to be hysterical but made me laugh in my cereal. You know, the way Tim Henman just recently described Czech ballers as being a "bit niffy" which, translated, means they smell like roadkill or something. Sounds fine in English but that's snarky Timmy.

For example, Wendy explains the appeareance of real, live British ballers in Eastbourne but explains away the rare occurrence by saying it must be "early in the tournament." Wendy continues by saying she's noticed something new with Brit Katie O'Brien:

She showed the effects of a very notable change in British tennis: she looked fit. Last year, the British women were easy to spot because they all looked like they'd just gotten out of school.
Ouch! I'm convinced you're English, Wendy, or at least you write like you are. In any case, keep 'em coming because you're keeping me in tears.

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  1. I have to do England (someday) for the same reason. They have this way with the language and humour.


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