Google Down the Line!: Mirka may not want to look in The Mirror today

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mirka may not want to look in The Mirror today

One of the UK's biggest tabloidy newspapers, The Mirror, had some harsh words about Sunday's Roland Garros bloodbath and they weren't directed at Roger Federer but at his constant companion Mirka Vavrinec.

In today's edition the paper said,

Roger Federer was highly embarrassed at Roland Garros on Sunday afternoon. And he's only himself to blame for letting his tubby fiancee Mirka sit in the stands.

Poor old Fed - he offered as much resistance to Rafael Nadal during the French Open as Mirka does when the dessert trolley appears.

Oh that's rough, but Mirka has been looking hefty these days. If only those pregnancy rumors were true...

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  1. lol damn that's harsh, I didn't notice til my brother pointed it out.

  2. Hahaha, harsh but funny nevertheless.

  3. what a classless newspaper. i hope people stop reading this trash.

  4. What the point of making fun of her weight? I think she is beautiful, and Roger doesn't seem to care.

  5. I saw her eating and was kinda shocked too. But the newspaper sucks big times.

  6. Blame society: thin is in. But for this warped state of affairs, we'd focus on how beautiful she is, not how not-thin she is. Seriously, the hair, the face, So what if she's not sporting an athlete's body right now? She's not competing.

    That said, it would be juicy if the pregnancy rumours were true. If that's what they want...

  7. Perhaps a wedding announcement will kill off all those negativity surrounding Fedex. Can't wait for that day to come.

  8. Her weight gain is shocking to me only because she used to be an athlete. Athletes don't usually let themselves go the way she has, they usually keep their diets and some of their training even after retiring but I think she has gotten lazy and spoilt by Roger's accomplishments. Why go out and accomplish your own success when you can lay back and get fat off of your hard working boyfriend. Perhaps having some lazy girlfriend with no motivation of her own is also pressure on Roger and reflecting itself in his performances. Maybe a relaxing break, a new girlfriend with her own life and a stable coaching situation is the motivation he needs.

  9. The negativity just comes from jealousy that:

    1. She's Roger's girlfriend and soulmate

    2. She gets to spend her life jetting around in private planes, staying at 5 star hotels, eating fab food and going shopping (albeit for Harajuku lovers tshirts, but still)

    and 3. She does all this while looking however-damn-well-she-pleases!

    Life just isn't fair!!!!

    Personally, my heart would break if one of Brooklyn Decker's colleagues started showing up in Roger's box. I also think that that "reporter" probably looks like Benny Hill and should keep his dumbass musings for his blog.

  10. Anonymous (June 11 12:34pm version) seems to have no clue about present athletes, former athletes, successful people, hardworking boyfriends, diet, training, motivation, anything.
    Don't hate (Mirka)...Emulate.


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