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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FASHION FIX: Sharapova's Wimbledon outfit revealed? Maybe so!

The time has come for the annual "Maria Mystery": what will the Russian fashionista be wearing on the green lawns of Wimbledon this year?

Suffice it to say I would be completely shocked and a bit impressed if Nike and Maria came up with the following outfit for her to wear. Traditionally the 21-year old leans towards dresses, and there is also a dress option this year, but what she's wearing in the ad campaign is the Sharapova Wimbledon Sleeveless Top and the Sharapova Wimbledon Woven Short from the White/Gold Collection.

The top is reminiscent of a men's suit vest with the 3-button placket on the front (and we know how much Maria's been loving that look.) The dreaded shorty-shorts, which I've never liked, make up the bottom of this outfit. I like that they're not super low-rise and have interesting 2-button detailing on the waistband and a cinch on the back. I'll take a wait-and-see approach on the shorts.

The second option, which would be the obvious choice for the Russian, is the Wimbledon Tiered Pleats Dress which looks similar to the much ballyhooed Swan Dress from last year's Championships. The dress is essentially a tank dress with triple-tiered pleating and a keyhole back. Simple, elegant and classic.

Here's the description:

Under the tagline "Pretty Traditional", this slogan represents not only the underlying beauty of the dress as well as a double meaning inferring its traditional design albeit with a non-conservative approach. Sharapova was also given the Wimbledon Blazer Mid Lux, a reinvented version of the classic Blazer basketball shoe. As part of the Grand Slam Lux Line, it combines top quality premium leather coupled with high-class touches such as satin ribbon laces. The sneaker also draws references to Maria's appreciation of the Wimbledon Tennis Dress with ruffles on the back tab.

Say what?! A basketball shoe with ruffles paired with that dress?? So they've clipped her wings and given her high tops. Innovative.

I searched around and found a version of a Nike Blazer Mid Lux, and if Maria's working something close to these shoes, I'll die, die, die:

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  1. I would think the sleeveless top and shorts are the outfits for Serena, not Maria. Serena used to get the best designs from Nike before Maria won Wimby, but now the latter got all the attention, all the time.

    Speaking of bad design (re Addidas+Ana), I never liked any of Maria Kirilenko's outfits. I think Miss Stella McCarthy is a very bad designer....and her tennis outfit designs sometimes looked like a joke.

  2. If Adidas are receiving criticism, then it's Nike's turn!!

    That Wimby '08 dress is an EXACT replica of the one she wore last year!! Not exactly innovative for a company that prides themselves on being 'cutting ege'.

    Maria should have worn her Aussie
    '08 dress to Wimby, it was the perfect occasion for it.

  3. The dress and the snickers are from the last year I think. I found on two the web sites posts from last June where it's shown. I guess we still don't know what Maria will wear!

    Here are the last year's posts. Look at the dates.

  4. so maybe it's the shirt and shorts? that would be different for sure!

  5. I don't like much shirt and shorts, I hope she'll wear a nice dress as the Tiffany dress from Paris!

  6. we can only hope lana...let's keep everything crossed for something beautiful

  7. i personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the sleeveless top with the shorts! I think it's so classic, yet cutting edge. I mean picture that on the lawns of Wimby! That is Amazing!!!!

  8. right eliu? i think that would real innovation and a nice mix of tradition with a modern flair. like i said, i've never been a fan of the shorty-shorts but if they're designed with trouser details, it could be REALLY interesting.

    holding my breath...

  9. Yeah, that's right rich. It could be really interesting, but I would prefer the dress. It's much more classic en tipically Maria. And about that Adidas Dress of Ana Ivanovic, it's so ordinary, nothing new. And it isn't sexy at all. I think Ana's dresses this year were boring, especially that blue dress she wore at the Australian Open. By the way, that red Adidas Dress Ana is wearing from February till now! So cheap

  10. Rich, I have news for you. On Maria Sharapova unveiled on her website that she's going to wear the shorts. She says that she wanted something different than other years, so it are the shorts.


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