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Monday, June 16, 2008

FASHION FIX: The problem with adidas as told through Ana's Grand Slam dresses

Picture this: You're the world's top-ranked lady baller and current French Open champion who's been featured on the cover of countless magazine covers, billboards and newspapers. Your big sponsor, adidas, dressed you up in tired gear for your big win in Paris this month but no hard feelings, right? All you want is an originally designed, inspired and functional dress to wear for the final Grand Slams of the year and here's what they give you:

The Wimbledon dress (above), in the required white with lilac piping around the neckline and arm holes, was supposedly inspired by flower petals but I'm thinking someone was eating lady fingers when they came up with the design. And for the US Open you're sporting the same dress but in some drab grey-brown moment (below). *Yawn* Even the proportions, most noticeably the length of the dress, seem awkward on you.

Anway Ana, you might want to think about getting yourself involved in the design of next year's dresses. How about something like adidas by ana, ana for adidas, or a partnership like Maria "not even close to top-10" Kirilenko and Stella McCartney have with the brand? Oh, and instead of annoyed bloggers (like me!) writing open letters to your sponsor you might want to let them in on their lackadaisical design efforts for one of tennis' top stars.

It's your image, that's all.

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  1. i kind of hated it in white, i seriously hate it in brown/orange. what is wrong with adidas? ana needs to stop being cheap and pay sven from her own pocket, then ditch the brand and get a new clothing sponsor.

  2. interesting - i wonder if she's happy with adidas or if she's only with them so she can work with sven.

    anyone know?

  3. I agree these options all suck. But Adidas is huge and even supplies her coach for her (as you mention) so I can't see her being too upset with the company. The biggest question is why they "waste" Stella McCartney's amazing designs on Maria Kirilenko. Yes she's gorgeous, but Ana wins hands down in the beauty meets marketability meets results thang. Maybe it's only a matter of time. . .

  4. Ana once was a Nike girl.... however, the Swiss guy who sponsored Ana in her teens negotiated the change to Adidas. They thought that by staying with Nike, Ana would be in Maria Sharapova's shadow.

    Adidas definitely need to step up! When Anna Kournikova was an Adidas clotheshorse, Adidas rose to the occasion. Maybe it's time for them to do so again!

  5. Why gild the lily?
    The dresses look fine to me, plain but still different. Further, Ana is so radiant you could put her in anything.

  6. That dress is just so many shades of wrong.


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