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Monday, June 23, 2008

FASHION FIX: Fed opens Centre Court, debuts classic cardigan moment

Roger Federer made his annual fashion walk at 1pm to open match play on Centre Court, an honor given to the defending men's champion at Wimbledon.

The 5-time winner also debuted his latest Nike look for The Championships, dropping his blazer + slacks from last year for a simple wide ribbed cream-colored cardigan with gold piping and featuring a crest on the left with his ubiquitous "RF" logo.

The sweater was paired with the Federer Wimbledon Polo and Control Short that I previewed last week. He also brought along his white Nike duffle bag from last year and the new limited-edition Wilson racquet bag.

But the world no. 1 was hiding another something special under his new sweater moment - a preppy canvas d-ring belt:

The belt matches the cardigan colorway and showcases the "5" insignia that's also found on his Nike Vapors that I wrote about yesterday. Here's what Fed had to say about the fashion change this year:

Two jackets were enough. It was like 'let's move on', but the jacket might be back next year. We thought something different would be nice. The result's nice - and I've got a belt this year too. It's nice. It's easier to wear than the jacket to be honest.
Oh yeah - back to Fed's match. The stylish Swiss opened against good friend Dominik Hrbaty, who he actually had never beaten (0-2). But he made good today defeating the Slovak easily 6-3, 6-2, 6-2. Clearly the on-court tension was at a minimum between these friends, even sharing a mid-match laugh. Nice way to start the tournament, eh?

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  1. A great start, and I dig the sweater!

  2. me too much more relaxed looking than the jacket pants combo - he wears it well

  3. I LOVE the cardigan!
    And the laugh Hrbaty gave us.

  4. Cardigans are my favorite item of clothing, so I of course approve.

    Please tell me someone else caught Enberg's bizarre "nubian slaves" comment.

  5. no jason i missed that probably b/c i've been typing like a friggin' maniac tell though. what was the comment???

  6. Federer is on his way to the studio to be interviewed, and when wondering how Fed gets around the grounds, Dick Enberg seriously said "does he get carried on a chair by four Nubian slaves?". Nubian slaves? Really, Dick?

    I mean, I know he didn't mean anything dubious by it, but still. I am wondering if Darren Cahill didn't stab himself through his palm with a pen. Methinks those are words that Dickie-Boy would rather have back.

    It is great that Dick has been around for the last 125 years and all, but I think it is time to put him out to pasture with Bud Collins. And Justin Gimblestob and Brad Gilbert can be their shepherds, just so we don't have to listen to them say stupid things either.

  7. I'm on the fence about Darren Cahill but I defintiely think it's time for Bud Collins to hang it up. It was embarrassingly funny and pathetic seeing all the ESPN talking heads not so much listen to as much as tolerate the amusing resident geezer wax on. And on. And on.

  8. wow i totally missed that one - i'd love to get a transcript or video of that one. i'd definitely post about dickie's comment - so inappropriate.

    and you guys are right - the comment, and Bud's as well, are very telling about the generation gap in tennis. and it's a gap i think needs to be closed if the sport wants to grow and be exciting again. those guys just bring tennis backwards and younger fans just can't relate which means they aren't watching and certainly not playing.

    why can't they be behind the scenes while they get younger, knowledgeable, experienced and actually funny TV personalities and interviewers to be out there doing the leg work? don't tell me they're not out there.

    thanks for the tip on this one jason - it's good to have other "ears + eyes" out there!

  9. And younger isn't necessarily the answer. Justin Gimblestob (in my opinion, but I can't imagine I am alone) is a freakin' disaster as a commentator. I look forward to the day that Lindsay actually retires and goes to the booth, because I thought her appearances have been consistently excellent.

  10. let me qualify - younger than dick or bud

  11. Don't bash Bud!! He's a tennis doyen.... Wealth of knowledge about the game.

    And noooo.... i'm not old!! But I appreciate what he offers in the booth

  12. I also thought the nubian slaves comment was wayyyy weird.

    But Dick Enberg's biggest problem is his non-stop chatter. He is king of the "Wow! Centre Court is SO quiet during this big moment!" Yeah, Dick, and you just f'ed it up.

  13. Fed's cardigan/outfit is muy suave.

  14. yes, well, it's about the time for rogi to wear cardigans, it would be funny to see it on young rafa, but it fits great on mature mens.


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