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Thursday, June 19, 2008

DtL Diary: I was a kid in a candy store watching two tennis legends at work

As I mentioned earlier today, I happily attended the Wimbledon + HSBC promotional event hosted by Justin Gimelstob where I met tennis legends Monica Seles and Jim Courier. They were close enough to touch (but I didn't - there was security.)

Monica + Jim took some time to hit balls on a miniature court built at the corner of 4oth Street and 5th Avenue with members of the crowd. Justin was the play-by-play guy and apparently the comedy relief though that still remains questionable. They even offered their thoughts on the favorites for The Championships next week (see videos).

It was so exciting to see them in person, particularly Monica who, without a doubt, got me to love tennis they way I do.

They both looked like they were in great shape and both ballers can still work a racquet. Monica was trim and healthy while Jim, who was always a fitness freak, still looked like he could play a 5-setter.

So I hope you enjoy the images and sometimes shaky video from the day (and don't hate on my lack of video skills - it's hard to work a video camera and digital camera at the same time, I swear.)

Oh yeah - check back tomorrow for my preview of the top contenders for the men's and women's crowns at Wimbledon!

(images + video via DtL)


  1. Love any Monica news/sightings/pics...thanks Rich. Shame about those multitasking skills though :)

  2. sometimes two arms just isn't enough...aaargh!


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