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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Comment of the Week: Lisa on Ivanovic loss

What's with all these top players going out? It's embarrassing. I agree with Brad Gilbert that all this talk about being "mentally tired" and "emotional" just sounds weak. Your either prepared or your not.

- Lisa on Ana Ivanovic's hasty exit from Wimbledon this week

Yeah, I don't think you should mention that in the press. Just say that you got your ass handed to you and they were the better baller on the day. I applaud Maria "Shriek"apova who was very gracious in defeat and gave no excuses.

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  1. To be fair, AI was pretty adamant in her presser that Zheng outplayed her and put too much pressure on her. She even broke down tactically how she was outplayed.

    I don't really understand Gilbert's hatred of mental fatigue. She's 20, just won her first major a few weeks ago, became number 1, was received by thousands in her home country, and suddenly hailed as the savior of the WTA. You can't discount the fact that it may have been hard for her mentally to refocus for Wimbly.

  2. YAY! I got quoted.


  3. I thought Ana's presser was pretty positive actually. I'm sure she was pretty shell shocked. I'm surprised she didn't just start speaking in tongues at how random that upset was.


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