Google Down the Line!: Ana gives good face (and then some) for FHM August issue

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ana gives good face (and then some) for FHM August issue

Ana Ivanovic's Global Domination Tour is gearing up for an assault on the UK again. The sexed-up Serb, who fed Czech Petra Cetkovska two cold bagels for breakfast in the Roland Garros round of 16, will be giving it up for the cover of lad mag FHM's August issue.

Let the drooling begin boys + girls.

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  1. Her face doesn't look too good there but I'm expecting good things.

  2. Their desperate for another Kournikova-esque sex symbol but it just ain't Ana. Pretty but she just doesn't have "IT."

  3. "IT" meaning the inability to win tournaments. Lucky her.

    Plus she looks WAY better than Sharapova. She just needs a Slam to seal the deal.

  4. "IT" meaning sex appeal. She's just pretty.

  5. There's nothing wrong with being "just pretty".

    I would like to see her win the French Open. She's good for the women's game.

  6. I didn't say there was anything wrong with being just pretty. I said they should stop trying to push her as this sex symbol. It doesn't seem natural for her the way it was for someone like Kournikova.


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