Google Down the Line!: Wanna serve like Ana Ivanovic? Well now you can!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wanna serve like Ana Ivanovic? Well now you can!

Have you ever wanted to serve like a Serbian star? Well now you can...or at least read about how to serve like Ana Ivanovic.

The New York Times' Play magazine has a great piece by TENNIS magazine's Peter Bodo (probably the shortest article he's ever written) that takes you through the reasons why the 20-year old has such a solid serve. He interviews her coach Sven Groeneveld and the recently un-retired baller Brenda Schultz-McCarthy about the the Serb's strengths and the aspects of developing a consistent service motion.

The piece is accompanied by a video of Ana serving and an engaging animated step-by-step instructional (above) of a faceless Ana doing what she does best. It's pretty cool.

(image via


  1. that animated graphic is so phat. what a fantastic breakdown of the serve.

  2. Not that I understand the article, but it's pretty cool.

  3. very nice video analysis


  4. they should make the graphic into a poster.


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