Google Down the Line!: Serena channels Dear Abby...or is it Tyra Banks?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Serena channels Dear Abby...or is it Tyra Banks?

Is Serena Williams the WTA Tour's Dear Abby or Tyra Banks even? Maybe. The 8-time Grand Slammer is espousing relationship advice on her blog to friends and fans alike based, most likely, on her own experiences. Acting, relationship coaching, winning matches on one good leg - is there anything this woman can't do?

Anyway, here's an exchange that we all know ReRe has experience with:

When dating someone whom is either a professional athlete or in the music industry how do you deal with the things that come with that terriotry (i.e rumors, groupies etc.)?

Please see my trust article. On a previous relationship blog. If you don’t trust who you are going out with that maybe something inside is telling you something. Trust is the only way you will get through dating someone that is on the scene like that all the time. Don’t look through phones don’t ask questions that make him feel like you don’t trust him. This will make him want to cheat and or leave. If he loves you than he will not do things to hurt you. Sometimes it’s hard (for the athlete) to have so many women throw themselves at them, and not react. It takes a real man. My advice? Trust him. Give him his space, when he needs it. If you find out that he is cheating on you (and you guys are exclusive) deal with it at that time either let him go or give him another chance. But I will tell you this, men will respect the woman that respects herself. What I mean by that is men will respect you if you don’t allow them to run all over you.


Did you hear that Common???

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