Google Down the Line!: A-Rod is just like (most) of us, scrubs toilets and moves himself

Monday, May 5, 2008

A-Rod is just like (most) of us, scrubs toilets and moves himself

Andy Roddick is making moves - most likely to his new $1.19 million digs with Brooklyn in Manhattan.

The American blogged about it saying,

The week after Davis Cup was pretty much spent moving. I love my life, because one day I am representing my country in Davis Cup in front of 11,000 fans while closing out the French, and literally the next day, I am vacuuming, moving furniture, scrubbing toilets, and walking things up and down flights of stairs all day ha ha…. it really is a great balance and I am lucky to have it… but seriously, for those of you who have ever moved before, can you believe the amount of crap that is actually needed in a small place to function? That is not even counting the stuff that we want, but really don’t need at all… it’s a fun process though, and was the first time I had done it without help (besides Brooklyn of course) from a moving company of some sort… it ended up being a really fun process!!!
With all that dough, A-Rod moved himself? Okay - that seems ass backwards to me. Besides, scrubbing toitets and moving really sucks.

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