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Friday, May 2, 2008

Quote of the Day: Federer on his '08 campaign

This is a year when I want to save myself for the most important tournaments coming up now – the French, Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open. That's when I want to have extra energy. It was part of my scheduling that I knew maybe I wouldn't win a tournament early on.

- Roger Federer on his goals for the rest of the 2008 season
Exactly - Fed knows the schedule is screwed so he's made smart choices for himself knowing he may not win early tournaments.

Why can't other ballers take this approach?

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  1. Why should other ballers (to whom the clay court season is vital points-wise) have to take this approach due to bad decisions by the ATP?

  2. so you're arguing that the scheduling really screws the clay-court specialists? i agree with that point - it makes sense for them since those particular players really make their mark now.

    but rafa, whose success isn't only on clay, has additional opportunities to make up points throughout the year. so why can't he, while fighting the ATP on the scheduling, adjust his schedule so he doesn't burn out later in the year? wouldn't that be the best plan?? the schedule is not going to change tomorrow so why not make smart decisions now.

    are his fans afraid that the clay season is his best opportunity to make headway in the rankings? if so, that's saying a lot about the state of his game.

  3. Rich, Rich, Rich...
    Federer is older than Rafa. He just had an episode with his health from which he emerged more conscious of his need to manage his energy. That's how to read this quote.

    No reason why Rafa should lose more or play less; he isn't in the same stage as Roger.

    The ATP calendar should be designed so that a human athlete can play the most elite (and mostly mandatory) tournaments without risking his health. It's a simple point.

  4. shoulda coulda woulda - everything would be so much better if things were exactly perfect and they way we want.

    but it's not so do you continue to screw yourself or do you deal with the reality of the situation?

    it's not about playing more or less t - it's about creating a smart schedule. he can play the same amount of tournaments but give himself breaks here and there including during the clay season. why play barcelona when he could have a break between masters series.

    yes federer is older but that strategy could work for anyone at any age, right? i distinctly recall a young Venus and Serena Williams not playing tons of tournaments but they won majors and became No. 1 in the world (didn't Serena start the Serena Slam at age 20 a year younger than Rafa?)

    so why did it work for them? because they were smart with their scheduling and didn't overplay regardless of what the tour schedule was - innovative i know.

    yup, it's pretty simple.


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