Google Down the Line!: Peter Bodo holds the secret to Nole's issues: Frank Sinatra

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Peter Bodo holds the secret to Nole's issues: Frank Sinatra

What do Novak Djokovic + Jimmy Connors have in common? According to Peter Bodo, a big mouth and a penchance for going all Frank Sinatra on the tour's ass.

Peter Bodo finally takes his (always lengthy) aim at Nole's retirement woes saying the two ballers share a "My way" attitude which may inadvertently hurt the Serb's physical well-being:

One critical similarity between Djokovic and Connors is that both have been accused of being lousy sports who did a fair amount of manipulation in their drive for success. For Connors, the accusations were based on his attempts to intimidate officials and opponents, and his "ducking" of the top players by refusing to play the main, WCT tour early in his career. The complaints against Djokovic are similar: he doesn't sufficiently "respect" Federer and Nadal; he "ducks" out of big matches against the best players by succumbing to mystery ailments. After all, there is no alternative tour, like there was back in Connors' heyday.

So Djokovic is loosely following in the footprints of Connors and any other player who can claim to have done things "My way." Like Connors, Djokovic has circled the (family) wagons and keeps his own counsel, although he has nothing like Connors's siege mentality. Djokovic also has a much better grasp of public relations and basic decorum than Jimbo ever did. This sense that you have to figure it out all by yourself, with such an enormous amount at stake, can become oppressive. It creates pressure, and pressure always seeks an outlet. If denied, the pressure shuts down the machine.

Interesting - so the mental affects the physical? How ingenious!

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  1. Sorry, but this is an extremely stupid article!
    Leave Nole alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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