Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Sharapova vs. WTA Tour, Part Deux

Monday, May 5, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Sharapova vs. WTA Tour, Part Deux

The intriguing battle royale between Maria Sharapova and the WTA Tour continues...

Doing her best impression of a savvy poitician (Hillary or Barack?), the Russian seems committed to firing up her base through her blog now that she's realized the power and accessibility of new media, even blasting the diva-esque behavior of some executives:

I am sure many of you can tell that I am just a little frustrated with a couple of tour executives who don't ever listen to the players and want to do their own thing. For a sport that has so much potential to grow and get bigger, you would think that the players voice would be important but unfortunately that's not the case. They just do whatever they want and tell us what to do and how to do it. And on top of that walk around like they're the stars.

I have tried to work with them, I have attended numerous amounts of meetings throughout the years, but they just do what they want and threaten to fine me. So since they will not listen to me, I am going to start giving my fans a behind the scenes look at life on tour...let the fun begin! I also want to thank everyone for voting...the number of people voting was way beyond our expectations.
The ballsy Maria is so confident about her stance, she even admits trying to fake a reason for pulling out of Berlin (so as to not get fined):
I got a really bad viral infection with a big fever and that I have to get on original! I know I'm always against those things, but I kind of had no other choice because I haven't been that sick in a while. Quite ironic, as a few days before that I was trying to come up with some 'excuse' for pulling out of Berlin...
Forcing ballers into lying? Take that WTA Tour! But it seems Maria has one more surprise for us:
There is also one other thing that I am soo excited to report but have to keep my mouth just have to wait a couple weeks. xx Maria
What could that be - retirement, pregnancy, marrying secret love Nole??? Oh, you're such a tease Masha.

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  1. Wow Maria sure likes to keep it interesting!

  2. I know she's right about some things she says here, but I can't sympathise with her. She's doing what she always does, which is what she loves to do most: drawing people's attention.
    It's not the first time Sharapova retires from a tournament with a suspicious excuse, but this time, since they want more of her money (which she loves more than anything in the world), she's angry.
    She tries to sound professional, but when I read her comments I feel like I'm watching Gossip Girl!

  3. I agree with a lot of what Maria had to say. The WTA should try to be a little more flexible.

  4. i always think i'm watching Gossip Girl when i watch women's tennis - such drama!

    but it does sound like some of their policies are a bit harsh - hopefully we'll get to learn more as she writes about it.

  5. So...what did she decide? Do you guys know yet? I'm dying to know what her next action is gonna be...

  6. so far she's decided to keep posting behind the scenes action from the wta tour which will most likely be bad PR for the tour.

    no worries vicki - i'll make sure to post about any updates right away.

  7. I agree with her. A 4-hour shoot, as Bodo points out, is actually more like 8 hours, and having it right before a tournament--especially a major tournament--is inappropriate.


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