Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Rafa still steaming at ATP, "I am getting tired of it all," says Nadal

Thursday, May 1, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Rafa still steaming at ATP, "I am getting tired of it all," says Nadal

Rafael Nadal is still steaming about the tennis calendar and he doesn't care who knows it - especially the ruling body of the ATP.

The defending Barcelona champion publicly lashed out at the ATP again for the action-packed calendar this year including a shortened (by a week) clay-court tour and the Olympics saying Europe and its players are being 'destroyed':

These people are destroying Europe and Europe used to be the foundation of the tour. I think it's completely impossible to play at one's best level for all four tournaments -- Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome and Hamburg.

You just have to accept this situation, all the players will be the same, they will not be able to play at their high level for all four, I think it's totally impossible. I think that when a player loses in the first round or pulls out -- and they get criticized -- the tournament should ring these people (the ATP) and tell them that it is their fault.

I have some email conversations with these people but it is true that they end up doing what they like and I am getting tired of it all.
All players and fans know the calendar is over-scheduled but it seems Rafa is taking it very personally - as if it was created just to mess up his run on his favored clay surface. He's definitely feeling the pressure of not defending all of his points - or if he does, he'll be spent at the end.

One question: Why didn't he just opt out Barcelona, the one non-Master Series tourney here, to give himself a break? Surely he could save energy and make up the points somewhere else.

The more that is said about the calendar this year the more I respect Andy Roddick's tough decision to skip the Olympics. He seemed to realize you can't do it all and tough choices need to be made - so he made the right one for himself regardless of any criticism. Smarty-pants.

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  1. Well, someone needs to speak out. And I for one hate it when I don't get to see the best players in the final because you have a bunch of yahoos overscheduling the players. Think big picture, why don't you? It's better for tennis if they have some time off to rest, and most importantly, to improve.

  2. you misunderstand my point david. everyone knows the schedule is overbooked and everyone speaks out. some, like rafa, speak out a lot more and i'm all for it.

    but the schedule is what it is for now - so do you just keep complaining while running yourself into the clay or do you speak out while also making changes to your schedule that will benefit you in the long term?

    this issue won't change overnight, so while you're boo-hooing the fact that you have to play so many weeks in a row, drop a tournament here or there that isn't vital.

    i respect ballers like federer, henin, williams sisters who don't play every tournament but pick and choose what works for them while at the same time speaking out on the scheduling and trying to make changes.

    rafa's young so hopefully he'll figure that out sooner than later.

  3. I understand you're brainstorming about Barcelona, but no, you don't skip Barcelona when you're from Mallorca.

    He could just skip work half the time, but 1. the ATP is in the process of making it even more of a pain to skip
    and 2. there's a way for the managing folks to schedule this so that playing folks can play tennis.

    If you can't see the chip that should be moved here, I'll just give up.

  4. the way to look at could also be: there are so many tournaments that pack the schedule that i have a lot of options to choose from to make a smart schedule for myself.

    why there's an idea!

    i love how quick people are to put the entire blame on something outside of themselves - it's very convenient.


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