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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Rafa falls in Rome - which baller will step up now?

OMG - The tennis world is in a tizzy after Rafael Nadal lost today on the terr(ier) bateau and offered up a rare clay-court chew toy for any number of ballers still left in the draw.

The Mallorcan matador lost only his second match in 105 matches to compatriot Juan Carlos Ferrero in Rome today, suffering a shocking 7-5, 6-1 defeat. But I guess it wasn't so shocking since he was suffering from a blister on his right foot:

Today when I woke up, I said it was impossible to play. I spoke to the doctor today and yesterday, and they put special protection on it and cream, but it was still tough.
In any case, Rafa's loss blows the draw wide open for Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and even David Ferrer to make a run to the title and gain confidence for Roland Garros.

Hey doggie, who wants it more?

UPDATE: So I'll have to cross David off the list since he was shown the door by Radek "the worm" Stepanek.

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  1. Bye, bye rafa!! LOL!

    Rome will be in roddick's hands =P

  2. wow kai - that's a brave choice but it's not out of the question, though it'll be tough for A-Rod since there are so many better movers out there.

    but i like it!

  3. imo, Rafa acted rather like a baby afterwards. Let's see, Fed had mono during Aussie, and we heard of it when? Uh...2 MONTHS later. Yet the first thing out of Rafa's mouth is "I had blisters!" Show some class, Rafa.

  4. i usually get bashed when i write anything close to criticism of rafa's game or comments in the press (which is interesting in and of itself) - and now i know there are others!

  5. Come on - everyone who watched the match saw the close ups of the blistered foot. Difficult to deny that it contributed to the defeat, no? Nobody asked Federer about the mono at the AO, because nobody knew he had it.

    The tournament is Federer's to lose now. A-Rod on clay? Give me a break.

  6. I think Rafa made a big deal about the blisters because he has a point to prove to the APT re: the crazy- packed clay court schedule. He's using it as evidence that there needs to be some rest weeks built in between tournaments. I'd argue that he's not the type to blame losses on injury (remember the Wimbledon final last year, when he got his knees taped in the final set?) but he's using this loss to prove a point. If you go to the tourny website and read his press conference, you can see the context.

    Roger is a gentleman and tries to avoid blaming his losses on injury, too. But as I remember it even he didn't know about the mono until after the Aussie Open, so we can't say that he was covering it up out of pure sportsmanship.

  7. Well that screws up my Rome bracket!

  8. i know anon-9:26 i love the close ups of the blisters - is that really necessary? we believe you...just don't show their nasty blistered feet up close...pleeease


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