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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Juan Martin hits a new low, becomes a mama-basher

Now how could you insult this innocent-looking woman? Juan Martin Del Potro saw something so mean, so evil in Judy Murray that he did something you never do: insult someone's mama.

During last night's first round match between Juan and Andy Murray, things got heated after an exchange at the net according to Andy:

I played a serve-and-volley and hit a bad volley in the middle of the service box and he came in and hit a full-power backhand straight at my head. I would have thought it's normal to apologize for something like that, and not to get an apology was a little bit disappointing. After that, the next two or three points I was maybe shouting, "Come on," a little bit more than I usually do.
Apparently the incident led to the insult and Andy was understandably bothered:
Someone saying something about your mother who is one of the nicest ladies you're ever going to meet? I don't think that's really that cool.
Yeah that was a low-blow Juan, you mama-basher.

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  1. i personally don't take andy murray's word for anything. that guy is constantly complaining and blaming other people for his failure to reach his so-called potential. he has not earned the benefit of the doubt on anything.

  2. tell us how you really feel anon 4:32! love it.

    i think you have a point but i wonder why he would make up something like that. or maybe it wasn't as bad as he's making it out to be?

    i don't know - but if someone insulted my mom then the ATP would become the WWE in a flash

  3. Andy Murray is a selfish, insufferable prig, who deserves every ounce of derision he gets. His mother's only fault, as far as I can tell, was in continuing to have children after Jamie, who seems an affable and well grounded guy.

    Perhaps Juan Ma was out of line, but you can put this one on Andy for thinking he deserved an apology for a perfectly legal play of hitting it straight at your opponent on a week volley, and then antagonizing him with these insufferable outbursts which I've had just about enough of in general.

    If Andy doesn't want to get hitty-witty-wit-da-balley-walley, then he she develop a decent volley. Otherwise he can get out of the way and shut the hell up.

  4. point (very well) taken mmt!

  5. BTW - unless there was another point where he served and volleyed (very poorly) the first point of this clip is the point in question.

    I hardly think this merits an apology. First, it's a perfectly legal play. Second, Murray is full of it with the head-hunting claim - it was nowhere near his head. And third - it doesn't even appear to have been intentional!

    Juan Ma, probably anticipating Murray would guess crosscourt on the pass, hit it hard down the middle. In fact, watch carefully, and you'll see Murray leans crosscourt just before the pass, and at the last moment stops and sticks his racquet out.

    Why didn't del Potro go up the line? Because the net is six inches higher, and at that (at the service line) it's harder to get it up and down with pace.

    Instead he hits it down the middle expecting Murray to guess crosscourt - only Murray stood still (brilliant), but even then his is clearly extended out and the shot CLIPS HIS RACQUET!

    That's head-hunting? Give me a break!

    I have to question this man's integrity and even his claim that Juan Ma insulted his mother. My guess is he muttered an insult IN SPANISH towards Murray (big surprise there), probably something like, "puta-madre" which loosely translated is "mother f---er" and hardly an insult to his mother!

    This guy Murray is (1) a jerk, (2)a joke and (3) a liar.

  6. if that is the clip is the right one then it doesn't look like it was near his head. it was clearly to the right side and it clipped his racquet.

    you'd think people wouldn't lie not that youtube can ruin you (ask any number of celebs.). there must be some bad blood between these two or something.

  7. Rich, I stand corrected - it seems del Potro was referring to how both Murray and his mother seem to congratulate themselves for his opponent's errors, and it is this that Murray claims was an insult to his mother. He's still a liar, because he didn't insult her, just pointed out that they are always cheering their opponents errors, which is not on, but I suppose perfectly legal. But the whole thing is comical.

  8. Saying puta madre or something of the sort doesn't mean it was directed at Andy's mother. He was prolly just shouting in anger for sucking. Andy is the one acting like such a baby lately. Glad he got the smack down by rafa on his birthday.

  9. This was a total misunderstanding by Murray. Del Potro never insulted Andy's mother. Del Potro insulted Andy's manners, saying "your manners are always the same." Andy misheard "manners" as "mother". Here is the video of the exchange:


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