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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Hewitt struggling with hip injury - could his career be in jeopardy?

Bad news for Lleyton Hewitt.

The Aussie hot head, who suffered a hip injury during last season's US hardcourt swing, may not be fully fit in time for the French Open or even Wimbledon:

The hip is starting to feel a little better, but I'm yet to fully test it out on court. The specialist did a couple more tests today but the results won't be back for a few days. Once I get those I can make a decision on the French Open and the grasscourt season.
At 27-years of age Lleyton is already on the downswing of a very good career. But a chronic hip injury in tennis usually spells curtains on a career, particularly for a baller whose movement is an integral part of their game. Gustavo Kuerten and Magnus Norman are prime examples of what a hip injury can do and now it looks like Lleyton Hewitt may soon be added to the growing list.

I'm thinking this injury will unfortunately seal the deal if it doesn't get better.

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  1. I don't no if Lleyton is gong to read this but i would just like to say that i think you are a great player and still have the potential to make it to the top ten in the world its just that you have to change your game slightly ..not too much just a little to be unpredictable that way your opponents cant expect anything.
    also you might have to add more power to your game because your shots arn't
    strong enough and there being picked off quickly. i think if you look back and see how you played when you won all those tournaments and grand slams, you can try and get some idea and inspiration on how to play your game and if that dosent work than try looking at federers game and rodick and even nadal and take bits and pieces from there game and bring it into your game. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT IF THIS MESSAGE DOSENT GO TO LLEYTON HEWITT CAN YOU PLEASE POST IT TO HIM SO HE CAN SEE BECAUSE I AM A HUGE FAN AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE HIM SUCCEED AGAIN BECAUSE I KNOW THAT HE IS MUCH BETTER A PLAYER THAN WHAT HE SHOWING NOW.



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