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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Gasquet may skip French Open - did he read my open letter?

Sometimes it's fun to think that you write these posts, blogging about things you think you know about and maybe, just maybe, some of the ballers are actually reading them. Fine - not likely but weirder things have happened (right Justine?).

Such is the case with Richard Gasquet. I wrote an open letter to the Frenchman laying out the terrible start to his year and suggesting he skip Roland Garros and take a sabbatical - well, more to the effect of taking time off to hook up with one of Amelie Mauresmo's fave sports shrinks.

Now comes word today that Richard, who lost in Hamburg's second round today 6-3, 6-2 to Andrea Seppi, is considering skipping his country's Slam to catch a break after a successful 2007:

I am completely burned out. I haven’t fully recovered from the efforts I made last year. And I am paying for it at the moment. I am not fit to play tennis - running, moving, everything is becoming difficult.

I am going to cut myself off for the week. Forgetting about my racquet can’t do me any harm. For Roland Garros, we will see. Don’t expect a big tournament from me if I take part in it.

It is nearly two years since I have had a break. I miss that. Imagine what I would do at Roland Garros, it would not be nice for anyone.
Hallelujah! No Richard, it wouldn't be nice for anyone, including yourself, to see you struggle and lose early in Paris in front of the notoriously fickle French fans.

Who knows what could happen as you perform the walk of shame towards the locker room - barraged by baguettes? made to eat cake?? Again, ask Amelie because she's been there. You two could be BFF's right now sharing war stories about life on the tour, being too self-conscious, lacking real tenacity and grit, etc. You know what I'm talking about...

Anyway, take the break. I wouldn't say you've earned it per se but you certainly need it.

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  1. If only his head would catch up with his's so unfortunate.

  2. i know. he has such beautiful looking groundies but that's about it - is this a French phenomenon?

  3. "Don't expect a big tournament from me if I take part in it." Wow. That's the threat of a bratty twelve year old to his pushy, judgmental parents.

    He definitely needs a break, but I don't think it will help his tennis. He just doesn't have the heart for it.

  4. You link to a blog called "Gasquet and Racquet" - now they'll be apart for a week ;)

  5. This is a hilarious post! I can't believe that I didn't hear about this on the Tennis Channel ( I mean this story not the actual blog).


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