Google Down the Line!: Kournikova website gets botoxed, can't tell if its happy or sad about it

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kournikova website gets botoxed, can't tell if its happy or sad about it

For those of you who still give a damn about a non-playing/non-retired tennis baller still living off the fat, I give you the latest Anna Kournikova news. The original Russian glamourpuss has just relaunched her website, sponsored by K-Swiss.

The site was given a few shots of botox (I said the site, not her) but nothing new in the way of content, save for an added feature called "Current Status". I assume it gives Anna's hardcore fans an idea of what she's doing right about now - or somewhere close to now. Think Twitter, but not really.

And what's her "Current Status" you might ask? "Saw Ironman movie this weekend, its great!"

Do you feel closer to Anna now? I do.

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  1. From her bio: "As an internationally-recognized tennis star, Anna Kournikova is one of today's leading female professional athletes. Anna's undeniable commitment to tennis and sportsmanship remain strong as she continues to expand her career and grow both personally and professionally."

    Is this a joke? Does she actually play ANY tennis these days? If she's so "undeniably committed" to tennis, why do we not see her playing it for real? Has she given any reason for not being on the tour? She's undeniably babelicious; but a leading female athlete? Hardly.


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