Google Down the Line!: Jankovic wants to act and not just on the tennis court

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jankovic wants to act and not just on the tennis court

Serena Williams watch out - we have another tennis baller with stars in her eyes.

Jelena Jankovic, who loves all things Hollywood and has performed in videos for her sponsors, has begun taking acting classes though she already brings full drama (and a fully made-up face - shhhh!) on the court. She talks about it on her blog saying,

Monday was so busy for me. Apart from practicing and All-Access Hour which is always scheduled at the beginning of the week, I had an acting class that I took part in. It was so much fun. It is always a good time when you do something to forget a bit about tennis, and relax your mind. It was only an hour long, but I was given several themes and at the beginning they gave me a task to be in certain situations and I really had to use my imagination. After that, I did variety of exercises in order to test me and see my acting potential.
Oh - no worries for you Jelena. You've got acting potential for miles (see image above.)

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  1. I had no idea Jelena Jankovic had her own blog. Thanks for putting this into the light.

    I saw her video with Bethany Snow - she was quite good. Very emotional.

    Hope to see more of her actings in the future...

  2. i didn't see it but i have no doubt she'd be good and better than Serena's efforts. clearly she's more of a natural.


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