Google Down the Line!: Davydenko shows off his modest size...I mean 'side'!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Davydenko shows off his modest size...I mean 'side'!

Nikolay Davydenko is the top seed at this week's Hypo Group Tennis International 2008 in Pörtschach, Austria and has offered his blogging skills to the ATP.

The Russian is traveling with the whole clan, including wife Irina, brother and coach Eduard, and Eduad's son Philip, a 15-year old baller himself who lost in qualifying. During their off time, the group decided to do some fishing and hit the spa though the reserved Kolya is not feeling the local tradition of going full monty in a unisex steamroom:

I've been enjoying the spas at the tournament hotel here in Austria, but I must say they do things a lot differently than in Russia. Back at home they separate the men and women, but here not only do men and women take spas together, many of the hotel guests don't have anything on beneath their robes. Which all makes for some interesting sites. At times it's like watching the Playboy channel. Some of the guests don't like the idea of us wearing shorts, but I'm not ready to adopt all the local customs just yet!

Call me conservative, but I am just not ready to bare all at this point. As you can tell in this photograph (which shows Eduard, his wife, Philip and me) we all have something underneath, and that's the way it's going to stay!
Oh Kolya, you're so modest. But it begs the questions: at what point would you be "ready" show off the goods? C'mon, we're all friends here...

(image via ATP)


  1. It's nice to read Davydenko's blog...

  2. I had to look twice - I thought it was his grandfather!! Nice to see him having a bit of fun with the blog.

  3. yeah it's nice to see his not-so-serious side especially after the match fixing bit - no hard feelings kolya!

  4. My gosh, I thought I was looking at Frank Barrone from Everybody Loves Raymond!


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