Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Fed gives Nole's parents a verbal smackdown

Sunday, April 27, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Fed gives Nole's parents a verbal smackdown

Remember how I mentioned there's no love lost between Roger Federer + Novak Djokovic? Well I guess there's none between Fed and Nole's mommy + daddy either. Not that tennis fans needed proof, but here you go:

Could that be what made Nole sick?


  1. Wow, that Federer is a real classy guy telling old people to shut up. I can't imagine Sampras saying that to anyone's parents. It serves Fed right to have won by virtue of retirement. Maybe he should tell his pig Mirka to stop chowing down on pretzels and peanuts during the games.

  2. he didn't tell anyone to shut up, he said "be quiet." there is a difference, especially when you're throwing around the word classy with sarcasm. did you watch the match? have you read the comments his family has made in the past? have you seen his family's behavior in past matches, namely the AO? i credit federer for staying so calm.

  3. I think Novak's family needs to learn to have some court side respect. Enthusiasm is one thing, but they take things to a new level. I don't think it was appropriate for Federer to comment - he maybe should have taken it up with the Umpire, but Novak's parents surely must test a person's patience. They're going to lose their kid some fans if they don't learn to calm down.

  4. The Djokovices are absolute Djerks, and if anyone has a problem with Fed telling them off, I say, to quote Beatrix Kiddo, "You're mother had it coming."

    If they want to spectate, they should spectate, and leave the line calling to the officials. Enough is enough with these people.

  5. I totally agree with MMT. His family should watch and keep their mouths closed. He is losing fans faster than he gained them.
    He is a good player, but you have to question his fitness. He calls the trainer too much and I believe he quit to keep from getting stomped because he ran out of gas.


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