Google Down the Line!: Sharapova's NYC birthday tour: Barney's, Letterman, + Tag Heuer

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sharapova's NYC birthday tour: Barney's, Letterman, + Tag Heuer

Maria "Shriek"apova is finally legal! The now 21-year old blogging Russian is celebrating with a full-fledged NYC tour - spending time with family on Saturday (her actual b-day) and doing some damage with the plastic on Sunday:

Just a quick update as a 21 year old! What a great feeling! To be honest I can't wait for someone to ask me for my ID, haha (as thats the only real perk you get right?)! I am in NY celebrating with my close ones :) parents were here yesterday and all my friends are slowly arriving for a big celebration on Tuesday...I'm off to the MOMA, and some shoe shopping at Barney's! Bye!
Last night, the leggy Aussie Open champ, looking stunning in a white flowy blouse, high-waisted black bubble skirt, and ridiculously high heels, visited with a flirty David Letterman who seemed taken by the stylish tennis baller (will Nole be jealous?). They talked birthday parties, clay-court tennis, and even met up for some 2-on-1 tennis with Billy Crystal on a make-shift court.

In case you missed it:

Of course, the big Tag Heuer event for Maria is tonight - do you think she'll show up looking like this?

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