Google Down the Line!: Serena afraid of being Santorized - join the club!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Serena afraid of being Santorized - join the club!

Serena Williams isn't afraid of anyone on the tennis court - any woman, that is.

The 8-time Grand Slammer, who's the No. 5 seed at this week's Family Circle Cup, was asked whether she was disappointed that Justine Henin withdrew from the tourney. In typical ReRe fashion she responded,

Well I didn’t even know she wasn’t here until you told me, so no, I guess not. Honestly, I don’t get concerned about who I’m going to play. I’ll go up against anybody.
But, as if realizing the sweeping statement she just make, ReRe quickly modified her response:
Except Federer or Nadal. Or Santoro. Anybody but them. Especially Santoro.
Wow - even ReRe's afraid of being "Santorized". He must be a nightmare to play against!

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