Google Down the Line!: A-Rod buys Manhattan pad for $1.19 million

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A-Rod buys Manhattan pad for $1.19 million

Now that Brooklyn Decker is making an honest baller out of Andy Roddick, they'll have to have a proper home together, right? Will the couple live in his lake-front property in Austin, TX or or his house in Boca Raton, FL?

Well according to The New York Observer today, A-Rod is putting down a cool $1.19 million on pied-a-terre on East 22nd St. in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan. The apartment is an old brewery (how fitting) and is described by the Observer as "unheroic":

[...] the unit is unheroic: There’s one bathroom; a little space off the kitchen for meals—it’s called a “dining gallery” on the floor plan, not a dining room; a bedroom with a five-by-five walk-in closet; and a living room.
Here are some inside shots of the space:

(images via


  1. lol!..
    i have godd taste..

    i aded your link!!
    see u!

  2. cool - I added your site to my blog roll too!

  3. Hope there is room for a nursery!

  4. jimmy are you saying this is a shot-gun wedding???

    interesting...we'll have to watch brooklyn. sort of like mirka - she's looking kinda preggers.

  5. Rich - It just all seems so sudden, no? All I can say is I would not be surprised if an announcement is made sometime soon. Maybe A-Rod is trying to steal some of Fed's thunder... at least off the court.

  6. interesting...very very interesting...we'll be watching


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