Google Down the Line!: Quote of the Day: Jankovic on Woody Harrelson

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quote of the Day: Jankovic on Woody Harrelson

I was thinking that one of the actors was in that movie, if you know, White Men Can't Jump. I was feeling when I was playing that match, I thought, White Girls Can't Play, you know.

- Jelena Jankovic on seeing Woody Harrelson in the stands during the Miami final
I guess Serena could make anyone feel that way, whatever color you are...though papa Richard may have something to say about it.

(image via AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)


  1. Just seeing Woody Haelson in the stands would be a distraction like.... "Why is he watching my game?"

  2. exactly - and "Shouldn't he be reviving his career or something?"

  3. i hate JJ so,so much...C'mon Ana and Serena!!!C'mon Nadal And Janko

  4. I love Jelena, particularly because of comments likes these.

  5. she's definitely one of those ballers people seem to either love or hate, but never forgotten about


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