Google Down the Line!: Nadal revamps website, let's us in on the "real" Rafa

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nadal revamps website, let's us in on the "real" Rafa

Rafael Nadal, who has Nole nipping at his clay-coated Nike heels, revamped his website just in time for his march towards a fourth-straight French Open title.

The site is oversized, to say the least, featuring large-scale fonts and and moving images of the speedy Spaniard and his unique groundstroking. Most of the contest remains the same except for:

1) The new "Rafa" section which features a video Q+A for the 21-year old including "Does a plain dude like you feel comfortable with fame?" which may or may not have been asked Andy Roddick.

2) The new "Ask Him" column for exciting fan questions including: "I'd like to know where did you have your best fishing experience, and how big was the biggest fish you're captured." (The biggest fish I captured was about one meter long, I think, in Mallorca.) and "How many sons would you like to have?" asked by someone named Grama (Well, I don't know it at this time.)

I feel like I know Rafa better already...

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