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Monday, April 28, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: What's up with Nole's towel-throwing?

A few readers and I expressed disappointment (see comments here) in Novak Djokovic's retirement during his semifinal match against a parent-bashing Roger Federer.

After barely losing games against Ivan Ljubicic, Andy Murray, and Sam Querrey (even earning two love sets) the Serb pulled out of the match citing a sore throat, dizziness + fatigue:

Q. What's the problem, Novak?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, I didn't feel good for last three days. I've been waking up with some sore throat. But I thought it's not going to be nothing special.

But obviously when you're playing against the No. 1 player of the world, you obviously get a lot of balls back and longer points, and I just couldn't get enough energy back after each point. I needed a lot of time. And I just decided not to risk anything.

Q. You were already sick in the first set of the previous match.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yeah, it's always like this. Last three days, as I said. But the previous opponents were not, you know, not that tough and I didn't have long rallies against the previous opponents like I had today.

Obviously I needed that step further and to do something more and special to win the points today. Of course, it's normal, you're playing against the best player in the world. And, unfortunately, I couldn't do that.

But, you know, I have to look on the bright side.
It sounds like he gave up big time. But, no one knows how serious or not his condition is right now. However, this retirement is the fourth since 2007: two in Davis Cup play, semifinals of Wimbledon '07, and Monte Carlo - all big matches, right?

The Serb must realize that these mid-match withdrawals will do nothing but bring up tough questions about his physical health, mental toughnesss, endurance, etc. until he proves otherwise.

(image via AP)


  1. Nole is sickly and has lung problems. He has spotty perfomances and pulls out when he is winning also.In 2007, he was forced to retire in the Umag ATP final and he was not losing. Luke Jensen at AO said Nole has asthma.

  2. Novak should learn to announce WHEN he feels sick, not use it as an excuse, whether it's valid or not, after the fact. I am a fan of his, and I do love his game, but these withdrawals are really disappointing.

  3. Look, he may very well have "breathing problems"--but unless he gets carted off in an ambulance, he needs to stick it out for a couple of more games to finish the match. If you are hurt you don't (start) play, if you play you are not hurt! I like him, but he is really coming off as an immature whiner!


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