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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Murray makes excuses for Barcelona loss - he's just not that into you, tennis

Andy Murray can't stop Super Mario, or himself.

The Brit baller has now lost to Mario Ancic for the third time in four meetings this year. His latest disappointment? A second round 6-4, 6-4 dismissal from Barcelona by the Croat today.

Here's what Andy has to say about the loss via his website:

I didn't get that fired up for the match. I was flat. I was going to be here practising anyway, so I had hoped to get a few matches. But my priority is to train for Rome and Hamburg. I wanted to continue from last week, but (playing here) is not the be-all and end-all.

I've now got four or five days to get ready for Rome. It and Hamburg are the most important ones going into the French Open. All of the major players should be there, which was not the case last week.

I find it interesting how Andy dismisses this loss by saying "I was going to be practising here anyway" and "[Rome] and Hamburg are the most important [tournaments] going into the French Open" as if this loss shouldn't really count. Plus, what does he mean the major ballers weren't in Monte Carlo last week? They were all surely there and it only took one to embarrass him 6-0, 6-4: Nole.

I'd love to give Andy a KISS - "keep it simple stupid" as they say. But don't get your giblets in an uproar - I'm not saying he's stupid. However, his 5o-person entourage, including newest member Alex Corretja, has yet to bring in any interesting results.

Less is more Andy - you may have too many cooks in your kitchen!

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  1. And now it is a problem when Nole says Brits are spoiled and disinterested about winning and making progress! Andy is surely great player, but he has to sweat a lot more to reach level of today's top players!

  2. i agree with Nole's sentiment (which also applies to u.s. ballers) - it's his word choice that sucked and will put off tennis fans.

    murray's house is a mess right now - he needs to clean it up.

  3. It's funny; I actually thought the Corretja move was going to pay off for Andy. I think his problem on clay is that he doesn't get much pace to work with. He's a great counterpuncher on faster surfaces, but on the dirt, not so much. He definitely doesn't have the patience or calm demeanor needed to succeed on a slow surface.

  4. It seems that Andy and Gasquet have decided to be this generations also-rans. They have displayed great talent as well as a poor work ethic, little heart, and zero tenacity. No additions and/or subtractions of handlers is going to change that.


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