Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: More Nole + Maria from Miami, romance rumors hit all-time high

Friday, April 11, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: More Nole + Maria from Miami, romance rumors hit all-time high

Well, well...

Thanks to Elaine + Mark over at my fave tennis social networking site Tennisopolis for sending me the images and video of Novak Djokovic + Maria Sharapova at Opium in Miami for the Sony Ericsson player party.

Let's set the scene: Nole + Maria arrive separately to the party and take a fun photo with Maria's Hollywood friend Camilla Belle.

Next they're photographed with Nole's arm lovingly wrapped around the Russian. Fast forward to the end of the evening - Maria + Camilla are filmed exiting Opium and getting into an SUV. As the car is about to leave, a certain someone (who looks a bit nervous to me) jumps into the backseat as the group takes off.

Click here and see for yourself.

I know they constantly dismiss the rumors that they're dating, and Nole was dating Jelena at one point. But the proof is SO in the puddin' this time baby!

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  1. Wow that is a great find! Novak definitely looked very nervous as he got in the backseat, haha!

  2. Thanks for the link Rich! I love how you just weave this whole thing together. It was interesting seeing the fun pic, AND THEN the snuggle on the couch after.


  3. no worries Mark - that's what it's all about i think.

    yeah taking the pic with Camilla makes it all look like friends just hanging out, which it could be but the couch pic and video tell a different kind of story.

  4. Why all the mistery concerning Maria and the Djoker? Russia and Serbia has always shared this orthodox love! =))

  5. lol, i think alot can be made of a photo AND a video. a friend can't get in the car with another friend? just cause he's not all smiles automatically means he's nervous (and specifically anxious about concealing his relationship with masha of course)
    to me they seem totally like brother and sister. they are close and affectionate with eachother. can't a guy and a girl be cuddly friends without there being anything else going on? answer: of course.

    i like how yr site doesn't have the 2348763 times she's been photographed with her gf camilla *all around the world* as well. the scenario can parallel her and novak's relationship in the same way i described but it's just far, far more abundant in occurrence;)


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