Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Djokovic clan may suffer from Tourette's, Nole calls Brit ballers 'spoiled'

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Djokovic clan may suffer from Tourette's, Nole calls Brit ballers 'spoiled'

It seems Tourette's Syndrome may be a trait prominent in the Djokovic family line.

The sensationalistic Serbs seem to have a problem with self-monitoring, allowing their mouths to speak before their minds know what's coming out. The Djokovic elders were already given a Swiss-style smackdown by Roger Federer for yelling out during the Monte Carlo semifinals this past weekend and now eldest son Nole has a choice word to describe British ballers - 'spoiled'.

Speaking to BBC's Inside Sport Programme, the Aussie Open champ said,

I don't know if I should have the expression 'spoiled', but in the UK a lot of kids are a little bit spoiled because of all the conditions they have... and they don't work hard enough. If you have perfect conditions and everything you want, you get a little bit spoiled and then you don't want to work as hard as you're supposed to. You don't have the hunger for success because you have everything on the plate. You still have a lot of potential. You just have to find the right moment and change the mentality of the coaches and the kids.
Nole doesn't think he should use the word 'spoiled' then he goes ahead and uses it. See? The mouth speaks before the mind can say, "Shut the hell up!"

Ay - will someone hand this clan a family-sized shovel so they can dig a bigger hole for themselves?

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  1. WOW. Have you ever seen a group of people so desperately in need of PR training?

  2. seriously - it's like their mouths are completely separate from the rest of their bodies. body snatchers maybe?

  3. PR training won't cure them of their true illness - being a-holes.

  4. Tim Henman has said the same thing, only perhaps using slightly different words. Keep in mind Djoker's English is far from perfect.

  5. What's wrong with him saying that? That's just his opinion! I thought there's a law about free speech! He only wanted to say that Andy Murray is more than capable of moving upwards in the rankings and that he didn't have to work as hard as he did during all the wars and so, just he make sure he has a coach and a court to train on. And also all other talented Brits. And what his parents say about Federer and others doesn't mean it is his own opinion. So before you judge someone, think about it more deeply.


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