Google Down the Line!: Tennis fan eager for "private" moment with A-Rod

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tennis fan eager for "private" moment with A-Rod

More blogging ballers: Andy Roddick gave us a peak into his political closet recently and now the newly crowned Dubai champion tells us that a "happy" fan tried to get a peak at something else during his trip to the Memphis tourney:

We went to Ruth Chris after my match against Mardy and there was some of the tennis crowd there from the tournament. I signed a couple of things before I sat down and it wasn’t a big deal….so I am on my way into the bathroom and an overzealous lady-fan who may (definitely) have had a couple of drinks sees me go in and decides to follow. So she sticks her head in the door and asks for an autograph while I am in the middle of it…. I told her I would see her in just a second when I was finished and she said okay and just stood there… it wasn’t until another dude walked in that she realized she had made things a tiny bit weird….
You can't blame a girl for trying!

(image via photobucket)

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