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Friday, March 28, 2008

Quote of the Day: Safin on his career

I have plenty of cash to do what I want to do, so what I want to do is play tennis.

- Marat Safin after his fifth straight first-round loss this year at the Sony Ericsson Open
Thanks Marat for letting us know you're just another uber-talented, but spoiled, professional athlete who'll just coast into oblivion. Cheers!

(image via AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)


  1. In Russia, tennis plays you!

  2. I usually like your blog, but that was an unbelievably simplistic comment on Safin. I don't think he's enjoying what he's going through. And yes, he's uber-talented, so he deserves more respect.

  3. well we agree he his very talented. i do like safin and he brings great personality to the game. but like he said, he has enough cash so he can do whatever he wants so that's not a motivating factor like it is for some ballers.

    so let's be honest: he has to REALLY want it now since finance isn't the driving force. and can you say that he shows he really wants it?

    these aren't new revelation for safin. it's just more obvious now that he can't get by on just talent - he has to work harder than he ever has and it doesn't seem like he wants to. nobody likes to lose, especially pro athletes so his disappointment doesn't surprise me. but actions, not words, tell the tale.

    but i respect and welcome the discussion for sure!

  4. I agree it doesn't seem like he's trying hard enough, but we don't know him and we don't know how much he trains. I think we interpreted his words differently. In my opinion, what he was trying to say is that since he has enough cash, he's still playing tennis because he enjoys it and not because he needs the money. He didn't sound spoiled to me.
    But you're right, he has to show that he wants it. I hope he starts winning again. And if he retires, I hope he'll do it for the right reason and be happy with his decision. I don't like former tennis players who don't know what to do with their lives after tennis.

  5. ^^ I agree. It seems to me like he was really annoyed with all the people telling him doing it for money and that he could finally retire and spare them the pain of watching him what-he-calls-a-playing tennis. What he wanted to say, I suppose, was to quit these discussions and move on another topic.


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