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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Worldly Venus + Serena talk politics at Bangalore Open

Speaking up: Andy Roddick isn't the only tennis baller feeling all political these days. The 'Sisters Sledge' - Venus + Serena Williams - threw their racquets in the ring and spoke out on the emergence of minorities, more specifically African-Americans, in tennis and in the US at this week's Bangalore Open where they're playing singles and teaming up for doubles.

Eight-time Grand Slam champion Serena said, "Each year when I go on tour and at the US Open I see another black face. It just makes my heart smile." However, she emphasized the limited access to the sport for some saying, "Maybe sometime if you want to talk economics, then maybe it (tennis) might not be affordable for some black people. Traditionally you look at tennis, you see in the past, 50 years, maybe one black player there. Tennis is an expensive sport."

Older sister Venus, who is widely recognized as a catalyst for getting women equal prize money at Wimbledon, commented on the current U.S. presidential race saying, "It is good that minorities are coming to the fore, (Barack) Obama is an example." She was quick, though, to point out she's "equally happy" for Hillary Clinton though "it is tough for Afro-Americans in US."

Good for them. If only more athletes were as brave, worldly, and aware...

(image via AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

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