Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Nole spotted at LA Lakers game - is there more to his "friendship" with Maria?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Nole spotted at LA Lakers game - is there more to his "friendship" with Maria?

Proof is in the puddin': Remember how I wrote about how much time Novak Djokovic and Maria "Shriek"apova had been spending together before and during last week's Pacific Life Open?

Well, I was alerted to the above shot (thanks Elaine!) of the couple playing footsies during a break at Indian Wells and just stumbled upon this Nole interview - and guess where it takes place? At the LA Lakers game this past Sunday after he captured his first Indian Wells title, and where Maria was spotted hanging out with Camilla Belle.

Do you think they knew each other would be catching the same basketball game? Crazy!

Now I REALLY need to know what his girlfriend Jelena thinks of their "friendship."

Check out the interview:

(image via


  1. Ha, good find! 2 days to relax in LA? I wonder who he is relaxing with?

  2. exactly - we're not fooled!

    i love how they set it up so it looks like they weren't there together. As if they didn't know each other was going to watch the game?

  3. Ha, indeed! It's hard to chalk it up to coincidence, unless Fox Sports invited players in advance of their broadcasting the Miami tourney (they are broadcasting that, right?).

    Although I prefer Nola (Nole and Ana), I still think Nole and Maria they would be a cute couple. Make it official already!!!

  4. yes FSN is unfortunately broadcasting Miami - i hope they never do again, though. aargh.


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