Google Down the Line!: Jelena dress design revealed, but fashion friends are questionable!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Jelena dress design revealed, but fashion friends are questionable!

Some have rightfully mocked this seriously f-ugly dress worn by Jelena Jankovic at the SEO player party last week. But the Serb would like everyone to know she loves the dress and has given insight into its design saying via her blog:

I tried to relax a bit and charge myself with some positive energy for everything that is going to happen throughout this tournament, but also in doing many things for my sponsors. One of these moments was the �VIP Party� where I wore a dress specially designed for me made out of Sony Ericsson mobile phones Z750. Frankly, I could not believe what I am wearing and that the dress was made out of 700 phones. By the way, this is the first dress ever made out of mobile phones. It was designed by a professional dancer Kelly Kealy Mayton. The dress was purple as well as the new phone Z750 that came on the market and I promoted it that evening. After doing promotions in Doha for Sony Ericsson and presenting Precious Gold phone made out of gold, company representatives chose me to participate in this campaign as well. Apart from the purple color, you can purchase this phone in two other colors: pink and gray. The dress had open back which pointed many cameras towards me, but I have to admit it felt great wearing something unique and priceless, and every girl in that moment would feel special especially when I add to the outfit the shoes which were remarkable. I felt as if I was in a fairytail, like Cinderella, haha. The shoes were decorated with Swarovski cristals and certain mobile phone parts. It might sound weird, but I am including some photos so you can see it yourself.
Okay Jelena - next time someone tells you they'd like you to wear a dress made out of a phone, blackberry, or satellite make sure you like hell (and make sure to turn off the 'vibrate' function.)

Maybe it's not all her fault, though. I think the World No. 3 is getting some friendly, but very bad, fashion advice from one of WTA Tour's usual perpetrators:
I went to one of my favorite boutiques �BEBE� with my good friend Bethanie Mattek who is also sometimes my doubles partner. She invited me to go together and choose clothes for certain happenings that awaited us here in Miami. Media was invited to take picutres while we were posing in front of the mirror wearing variety of outfits. We had a great time and it�s always like that with Bethanie. She is a very positive and outgoing person, and once you are with her somewhere, your whole face will get sore due to constant laughing.
Exactly - you'd be laughing (or getting laughed at) if you wore a Bethanie outfit too:

We all have our issues, I suppose...

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  1. I thought Jelena looked pretty damn hot in that dress. It was definately different but thats the fun of it I think..

  2. to each his own i always say!

  3. Oh Jelena. Ironically the horrible dress just makes me like her even more!

  4. Hi Rich, Van here. I've been following your blog through the Tennisopolis site and I enjoy reading it. Yeah, you definitely have to wonder about anyone taking fashion tips from Bethanie Mattek!

  5. jimmy - she definitely stands out from the crowd so i give her credit for that...but a cell phone dress? i bet she'd be fun to hang out with though...

    van - thanks! i see you live in brooklyn too. oh bethanie, i really don't know what more to say about her fashions. words just don't do it justice.

  6. I kinda liked the dress....


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