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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FASHION FIX: Radwanska mixes up game and outfit at Indian Wells

Mix and unmatch: Crafty up-and-comer Agnieszka Radwanska battled Ashley Harkleroad yesterday at Indian Wells and pulled out a tight 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 win over her American opponent. She'll next face Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova in a rematch of their Aussie Open 3rd round encounter which the Polish star won easily 6-3, 6-4.

During her run to the Pattaya Women's Open title in February, I was critical of the unflattering silhouette of Aggie's outfit and wondered why she was wearing a Prokom top, who is listed as her official sponsor, matched with a Nike skirt. She's mixing the two brands again this week though this Nike skirt is a much better fit for her body.

But, I said this about Vania King earlier this week and the same goes for Aggie: can someone get this girl a real clothing sponsorship???

(image via AP Photo/Mark Avery)


  1. Just to make things clear. PROKOM is not a clothing company it is a Polish software company. PROKOM is Agnieszka's sponsor but it is not clothing sponsorship. Her sponsorship contract with PROKOM ends in December 2008 so maybe she will get any clothing sponsorship next year but it is not certain. So far Agnieszka is satisfied with this sponsorship.
    So it seems that the fuss about mixing brands is nothing more but bleep. But even if see did, still, for me fashion is a bit more than just only labels.
    Greetings from Poland

  2. Thanks for clearing up Kris. But off the tennis court mixing labels, for me, is good. On the court, it's confusing from a branding perspective.

    It's a great branding opportunity for some sportswear label since she's a rising star. So for me it's a missed opportunity for her and for a sport brand to get exposure.

    A sponsorship by a Nike or adidas is great for a young player for many reasons - not just fashion.

  3. I totally agree Rich.....

    Not sure why someone of Radwanka's talent has yet to receive a clothing sponsorship.

    Of course, sponsorship extends to more than just clothes; it will obviously help Agneszka financially, and raise her profile within the sport.

    I believe she is the best perfoming Polish women's player.... this is definitely something to celebrate. I hope Nike, Adidas, Fila etc will jump on board!!

    *** Question- Has Bartoli lost her Nike sponsorship? She was wearing some of the older pieces at the Aussie Open, and at Indian Wells! ****

  4. i was hoping that pink outfit from IW wasn't Nike's...i looked online but i didn't see anything.

    i'll do more research!


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