Google Down the Line!: The ballers hit up the Sony Ericsson Open player party

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The ballers hit up the Sony Ericsson Open player party

The tennis ballers from both tours dropped their tennis racquets and hit the Sony Ericsson Open player party last night held at Opium in Miami Beach. James Blake, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Venus + Serena Williams, and Jelena Jankovic showed up for the festivities.

Also on hand were a spikey-haired Novak Djokovic (flirting with The Apprentice's Katrina Campins), Andy Roddick, and Maria "Shriek"apova.

(images via Getty)


  1. Of course Maria shows up. Shouldn't she be, uhh I dunno, resting?

  2. jimmy you're funny - you don't have a tennis blog? do you write??

  3. Haha, why thank you! *blushes* I don't blog but I was an English major, so writing is in my blood. And I am completely obsessed with tennis, thus my daily presence here. :)

  4. Sveta looks hot. I always loved her personality and her strong body and her game, but this photo, wow, she's smoking.
    I have potential as well - seriously I'm a hottie but I don't bother with hair and make-up. Now I'm thinking...
    That's really Svetlana?

  5. jimmy: cool. if you're ever interested in writing anything here, let me know. e-mail me at

    t: i also think this is the best sveta has ever looked - she's coming into her own. i haven't ever seen you but i like the confidence!


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