Google Down the Line!: Warning: Ana Ivanovic's fan contest may cause drowsiness

Friday, February 8, 2008

Warning: Ana Ivanovic's fan contest may cause drowsiness

Image 911: As we all know, the sport of tennis is suffering from some serious image issues these days, from match-fixing scandals to doping and drugging. So when we stumbled up Ana Ivanovic's January competition winner announcement on her website, we cringed at the outcome.

The winner of the contest would be the Ana fan who came up with the best caption for this photo:

Here's the result:

"The winner of the January Competition is Alex from Suffolk, England. His caption to the image displayed here was judged to be the wittiest of those received: "Leave it out Ana, I'm trying to sleep."

Witty?! Either they didn't get enough entries or their definition of witty is something closer to corny.

Don't get us wrong, this isn't as serious as betting on your own match or hitting the nose candy during a tournament, but this whole competition is, like the koala bear, putting us to sleep.

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