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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

+ TUESDAY NETCORDS: Monica dances, Boris vs. Andy...Pete embarrasses Tommy, Ballers Gone Wild!, baby Mia and more

- Retirement rocks: Monica Seles is not even a full week into her post-tennis life and she's already blowing up her PR machine. The former No. 1 already has a TV gig with CBS' The Early Show and now she's signed on as a contestant for this season's Dancing with the Stars. As we all know, movement was never a strength for the 9-time Grand Slam champ - will she be fighting two left feet?

- Crime doesn't pay: Beginning this week at tourneys in Doha and Bogota, the WTA Tour is now requiring parents, agents, coaches and other entourage members to undergo criminal background checks if they want full access at tournaments. According to Tour CEO Larry Scott, "...I think there’s a recognition that leading professional sports bodies, especially those dealing with young women like we are, have to do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for the players.”

WTT news: For the two of you who care, The Washington Kastles are the new franchise in World Team Tennis.

- Italians do it better: World No. 1,009 Giorgio Galimberti was found guilty of betting on tennis from June 2003 to January 2006, was suspended for 100 days and fined $35,000 for his actions. He becomes the fourth Italian baller to be caught betting on matches, joining countrymen Potito Starace, Daniele Bracciali and Alessio Di Mauro.

- Could A-Rod beat you at tennis armed only with a frying pan? Ex-ESPN writer Todd Gallagher did some investigating and compiled a list of hysterical but hypothetical sports scenarios into a book entitled "Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan".

- Ballers Gone Wild! Goran Ivanisevic will be questioned by police after a photographer accused the former Wimbledon champ of attacking him and smashing his camera with a baton. Anger management much?

- The Independent had a lengthy e-mail conversation with embattled Russian Nikolay Davydenko about the toll the Sopot match-fixing investigation has had on his life, including the unfair treament he's received by the ATP:

Do you think the ATP has been fair during its investigation? No. From the first moment I felt isolated and left on my own to deal with everything. I felt I deserved better protection from the ATP.
- Tommy haas nothing on Pete: The very-retired Pete Sampras kept up his exhibition-winning ways, humiliating Tommy Haas in San Jose 6-4, 6-2. "Show some mercy, Pete," said an embarrassed Haas.

- Bec Hewitt and baby Mia were spotted getting some family time in at Melbourne Park recently.

- Second that emotion: Brian Lutz, The Slycer, thinks TENNIS magazine is stale and unoriginal. Talk about hitting the ball in the sweet spot.

- Words of wisdom: Boris Becker has some advice for Andy Murray - step it up. The tennis legend, who spoke to the press at the recent Laureus Awards, said Andy needs to raise his level of play saying, "He said he was injured for Argentina and nobody can argue with that, but if he missed it because he was saving himself for Marseille this attitude is not going to win him a Grand Slam."

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