Google Down the Line!: Tennis Week now hiring obscure, but pretty, former tennis ballers for writing gigs

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tennis Week now hiring obscure, but pretty, former tennis ballers for writing gigs

Beautiful former top-30 tennis baller and apparent renaissance woman Angelica Gavaldon has recently been pulled from the depths of obscurity by Tennis Week to pen some musings about ballers and the superstitions they keep safe in their racquet bags. But Angelica, who included the large-scale glamour shot above with her in-depth piece, makes sure we know it's all about her.

We get to read Angelica wax poetic about her superstitious early days - loaning a "lucky" shirt to then unknown junior baller Monica Seles at a tournament actually called Sport Goofy, getting high marks from Anna Kournikova for warming up the Russian beauty before a match that she actually won, and her own superstitious doodlings from her old playing days:

"I had a different routine at the Grand Slams:

  • At the Australian Open, I would eat a chocolate chip cookie everyday.
  • At Wimbledon, I made sure to eat corn on the cob.
  • At Roland Garros, I really didn’t have any kind of a ritual or superstition, but maybe I should have, since the furthest I advanced in the tournament was the second round.
  • At the U.S. Open, I ate plain pasta before every match."
Eating a chocolate chip cookie everyday? Now there's a fool-proof method of winning!

Angelica even attempts to explain superstitions by speaking with Marc Sagal, a psychologist and managing partner at a company that helps overachievers strive for their personal best. Sagal gave his insight into superstitious behavior saying, "We all make connections between what we do and what happens — and, we often believe that because something has happened before, it will happen again." Very logical, indeed.

Nevertheless, the article regains focus on our 2-time Aussie Open quarterfinalist and ends with a link to her sports apparel line called, of course, Angalo (play on her name maybe?) We immediately jumped on over to her website and were greeted by these images:

Wow - she models too! Is there anything this woman can't do? Smart choice, Tennis choice.

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  1. You're an idiot! How else does someone get ahead, get the next gig, writing job, sports reporter job. Its called being driven and self promotion goes along with it. Tennis is her first love and she is from a country that barely looks in Tennis' direction. She was ranked 6th in the world in girls 18's as a 15 year old 2 spots behind Capriati. She's beaten Graf, Novotna, while they were at the top of thier game. Unfortunately she suffered from nagging injuries. She was/is a above average even great Top 30 player.


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