Google Down the Line!: Serena Williams can party but can't write, blames dental surgery

Friday, February 15, 2008

Serena Williams can party but can't write, blames dental surgery

Serena "ReRe" Williams is finally able to write and practice again after her painful dental surgery, even though she was feeling good enough to crash some parties recently. The former No. 1 was the top seed at the Open Gaz de France tourney but withdrew because of the procedure. ReRe blogged about it so we'll let her tell you herself:

"Well as u may have heard I had to have emergency gum surgery. I was super ill for a looooong time. The only good thing is I ended up losing a bit of weight. I am just now getting better. I am just beginning to train and get back in the flow of things. It really sucks that I have to miss a few tourneys, but I have never felt too bad in my life.

"I would wake up (actually I could not even sleep the pain was so bad) and just cry because I was in so much pain. Being an athlete I have learned to build up my pain tolerance. And also in the past I have had a knee surgery so I know how some pain feels, but I have never experienced anything like this. It was crazy!! I have never cried for pain. I felt hopeless. My Mom came to the rescue. She was with me every second I needed her. What a great woman.

"I am finally feeling better and able to write blogs again. I hope to be in action soon on the tennis courts again. I can't really tell when I will be back but I am just training and playing it by ear. Stay tuned!!!"
The dental work forced her to pull out of the tennis tourney, but it didn't stop ReRe from blowing up the Serena Party Watch by hitting the clubs with boyfriend Common or making appearances at two Grammy parties last weekend.

Apparently, the more things change, the more the stay the same with ReRe.

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  1. "I have never cried for pain"

    I guess she has forgotten about that scene at last year Wimbledon when she was cramping.

  2. Sounds like an entry from a narcissistic 16 year olds' facebook page.


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