Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Nole gets political + wants the clothes stealing to stop!

Friday, February 22, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Nole gets political + wants the clothes stealing to stop!

No country for old men: Novak Djokovic is speaking out about the political unrest in his home country of Serbia, and even TIME magazine is taking notice. The Ausssie Open champ sent a videotaped message to his country, supporting a Serbian Kosovo and not the growing independence movement (in Serbian, translation below):

Hello to all of Serbia and all who are with us
This is the toughest of times in the history of Serbia
and I want to thank eveyone who has come here to this meeting
and to show the world that we are not small and weak,
that we are united and willing to defend what is ours
I am sad I can not be with you physically right now
and I want eveyone to know that my family and myself are with kosovo always
entire situation is very hard on me as entire history of serbian nation is stemming from kosovo
kosovo is serbian and shall remain so forever.
In other Nole news: Apparently, Team Djokovic is pissed that Nole's "official sports outfit" is being sold globally on certain websites. His website is featuring this image and the following message for the public and possible perpetrators:

In the last couple of months, the sale of Novak Djokovic’s official sports outfit has been wide spread through Online shops of certain internet sites.

We inform home and world public that the authorised seller of Novak’s outfit and other products is D.O.O. ‘Family Sport’ from Belgrade, and that in the following month, the Online shop of Novak’s official site will start selling them, too.

We point out that this kind of sales through unauthorised sites is offence, and legal proceedings will be instituted against perpetrators unless they stop this kind of illegal activity that directly violates rights of D.O.O. ‘Family Sport’, that doesn’t have authorised distributors.
Huh? I thought his "official sports outfit" was provided by adidas which is sold legally pretty much everywhere. Are they talking about the clothing in the image (which doesn't look very official to me) or the stank shirt from his Aussie Open run?

Confusion abounds!

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